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Ericka Wright - Honduras


Ericka - June 1

Mailing Address:

Bo EL Pacon, (KM sur 37)
Sabanagrande F.M., Honduras, C.A.

Home Church:

Gateway Baptist Church
1600 Old Furnace Rd.
Boiling Springs, SC

I am Ericka Wright, a missionary to Sabanagrande, Honduras. In the summer of 2014, I spent six weeks assisting veteran missionaries, Sam and Julie Hodges. After much prayer, the Lord has impressed upon me the desire to return as a full time member of their team. As a team member, I will be:

Teaching English and Music at New Life Bilingual School,

Educating through Bible Clubs,

Assisting in visitation,and

Ministering through music.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

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